With more than 1 billion total streams, multiple Gold & Platinum awards and his unique fashion style HUGEL has made a  name for himself as one of the rare DJs who are able to produce a banging club hits which are still playable on  the radio. His recent hit “Morenita” is the best example : hitting # 1 in the Beatport House charts the track got strong  support by major players like Diplo, FISHER, Gordo, Vintage Culture and John Summit. The track is a must- playin DJ sets all around the world from Tulumto Mykonos , from Miami to St.Tropez and get massive radio airplay in Italy and Spain. The follow up singles “Aguila” and “El Sueno” kept up his infectious Latin Housestyle. In 2022 He came up with a collaboration with the italian duo "Merk & Kremont" to do the big hit "Marianela" which just reached more than 40 millions streams on Spotify. Today, HUGEL boasts an impressive following with over 9 millions monthly listeners and 600k followers across social platforms. HUGEL has proven that he feels comfortable on any stage living up to his tagline: “make the girls dance!” In the last year lots of collaborations happened for Hugel as the one with Blond:ish called "Es un Secreto" or the remake of Victor Démé "NaNa Djon" with Francis Mercier.