AVAION, a German musician, achieved his childhood dream of a gold record with his debut single "Pieces," which went platinum and amassed millions of streams worldwide. Raised in a musical family, he explored various instruments before embracing electronic music at age 13. AVAION gained recognition for his eclectic sound, blending electronic beats with organic elements and soulful vocals while DJing in local clubs. His breakthrough single "Pieces," inspired by personal struggles, garnered over 250 million streams and a global fan base. With hit singles like "Sleepless," "Numb," and "Love again," AVAION showcases his versatility in creating both danceable beats and emotive melodies. Beyond music production, AVAION engages with fans through live performances at festivals and clubs, including prestigious venues like Bootshaus. In 2024, he plans to release his debut album "Selfreflexion" and expand his "For the Vibes" live-concept across Europe, solidifying his status as an emerging star in electronic music.